About the President’s Office

The President of Colorado State University has a strong office support team located in the historic Administration Building at the south end of CSU’s iconic Oval. This team provides project, calendar, communications, and budgetary support to the President and executes initiatives on the President’s behalf. The President also has a 25-member Cabinet that includes all of the vice presidents, vice provosts, the chair of Faculty Council, the Athletics director, general counsel, senior presidential staff, and the CEOs of the CSU Foundation and the CSU Research Foundation.

Presidential Commissions

The President’s Office has the benefit of being supported by several leadership groups composed of passionate faculty, staff and students who volunteer their time in service to the President and the campus community. These advisers provide knowledge, expertise and direction on several key initiatives including diversity and inclusion, gender equity, culture and climate and other institutional priorities. This increases the number of voices in shared leadership roles across campus and builds greater capacity for institutional learning and change.

President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity

The Commission on Women and Gender Equity marked its 20th anniversary in 2017. Following the recommendation of a groundbreaking Task Force on the Status of Women at CSU in the early 1990s, then-President Albert C. Yates established the CWGE to help the University promote gender equity and improve the climate for women at Colorado State. Since its founding, the CWGE – and its more recently established Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty — has helped hold the University accountable, advanced progress on gender equity and campus climate, and advised CSU leadership on best practices and strategies. When President Tony Frank pledged in 2012 to make CSU the best University in the country for women to work and learn, he looked to the leadership of the Commission to help guide those efforts.

President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion

The President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion serves as the institutional conscience for inclusive policies, programs, procedures, and services. Formally commissioned in 2016, the CDI is a catalyst for change that elevates all people, enhances the campus climate and removes persistent barriers that inhibit the success of members of our campus community, especially those from underrepresented and historically marginalized populations.

President’s Multicultural Student Advisory Committee

The President’s Multicultural Student Advisory Committee is an advisory group to the President and University administrators, professionals, and academic faculty who addresses broad issues of multiculturalism and social identity that impact the campus and surrounding community. PMSAC’s primary functions are to engage in conversations with University faculty and administrators, share students’ perspectives, and provide recommendations that will develop and sustain a campus climate of inclusiveness and help CSU better serve its increasingly diverse population.

President’s Council on Culture

The newly appointed President’s Council on Culture is responsible for guiding the University’s ongoing efforts to evolve and advance our culture to become more equitable, inclusive, and representative of the people we serve. This senior leadership group will provide oversight, awareness, and accountability and play a formal role in ensuring the campus is engaged with and informed of the work being done to address these issues. The PCC bridges institutional conscience and action by bringing key, core leaders together who work in partnership with the President’s Cabinet and Council of Deans.

Presidential Ambassadors

Founded in 2006, the CSU Presidential Ambassadors program promotes the positive image of Colorado State University by engaging a diverse group of student leaders to represent the Office of the President at designated events and related University advancement activities. Members of this group are highly skilled and experienced student leaders selected to represent the University on a volunteer basis. Through planned interactions with University constituents, Presidential Ambassadors advance public understanding of the University and its students’ role in its growth and success.

President’s Sustainability Commission

The President’s Sustainability Commission has the important role of providing the President and Cabinet a variety of perspectives on sustainability, energy, and the environment to promote and facilitate the effective integration of sustainability across the University. At Colorado State University, sustainability is foundational to who we are. As a land-grant university, we are compelled to steward, conserve, and protect the world around us. It’s central to everything we do – from academics, research, and operations to outreach and an ongoing mission that we embrace together. CSU has won numerous awards and recognitions for these efforts including being named the first university in the world to receive a STARS Platinum rating for sustainability and one of only five universities in the nation to be named a Platinum Bike-Friendly University.

Women & Gender Collaborative

The Women and Gender Collaborative connects and promotes campus efforts that support the University’s mission to improve the campus culture and climate around gender and make CSU the best place for women to work and learn. The Collaborative is focused on increasing education and engagement around gender-related issues through several initiatives. It also works with these other key groups who have helped move the University closer to realizing a culture and climate of gender inclusiveness on campus: the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity, the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty, the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, the Women and Gender Advocacy Center, The Women & Gender Collaborative, and the Office of the Vice President for Diversity.